This regular exposure to major natural hazards has necessitated the establishment of truly integrated global policies, veritable French expertise, which considers the entire risk management chain:

  • Prevention by evaluation, characterization, and modelling of major risks, and management of urban and regional planning.
  • Planning and preparedness via the development of national emergency plans.
  • Protection and Supervision thanks to permanent monitoring, tracking of weak signals and systematic information feedback shared and consolidated at the national level as well as a early warning system for people and businesses.
  • Response

  • By coordinating all emergency actors (specialised teams, rescuers, police and gendarmerie) as well as the involvement of land and air resources, and support and logistics resources.
  • By projection capacity, allowing for response by specialised teams throughout mainland and overseas territories (heliports and aircraft; air-transportable units and equipment).
  • By logistical capacity suitable for sustainable support of populations (accommodation, food, transportation of people; medical support).
  • By the full association of operators of facilities with vital importance in operational preparation and planning.
  • Restoration and feedback, through the implementation of activity recovery plans, reconstruction initiatives and the reconditioning of facilities and critical networks, as well as the implementation of structured and systematic feedback.

    French expertise necessitates the involvement of numerous actors, such as research laboratories which characterize and model phenomena, the State, and organizations which mobilize public action in the phases of identification, analysis and management of risks, but also French manufacturers who have developed, tested and commissioned a range of products to suit all operational situations.

    France @ INTERSCHUTZ 2022:

  • 3200 sqm
  • 75 exhibitors
  • French Pavilion in Halls 13-15-26-27: 33 French companies gathered under the “Choose France” and “La French Fab” brands.
  • Discover the list of exhibitors of the four French pavilions
  • Partner Country Days


  • 21.06.2022 | 15:20 - 16:40 | Hall 26, Booth C22
    Enter a safer world with French solutions: pitch of French companies
    AIRTSAR - Thomas GROSSO AUDINNOV - Yves BUGY AUM-Biosync - Antoine ROSSET Bachmann Rapid Deployment Systems – Ursula REICHEL BIO EX - Olivier HOULBERT CTD - François CHEVERRY EFECTIS - Gaetan MITANCHEZ Electric and Lighting Concept - Jean-François TESSE ID-U Assets - Mathieu TARRADE Trela, by Intersec - Charlotte THOMAS ISI - Benjamin LEROUYER Labaronne-Citaf - Soussen BELOUCIF LIBERVIT - Coralie JOHANSEN MIDGARD - Anne-Sophie CADRE NEXTER ROBOTICS - Romain LE BERRE OTEGO - Alain TIEU European Project Fire-In - Michel BOUR OUVRY - Ludovic OUVRY PARATRONIC - Mickael VICENTE PROCOVES - Vincent GAUDILLAT PROFOAM INTERNATIONAL - Morgane BERTIN ROSTAING - Marc JEANNET Shark Robotics - Cyril KABBARA SIDES - Maxime VIMOND SYSNAV - Jonathan SZABO
    Language: English, Live Translation
  • 21.06.2022 | 09:15 - 14:00 | Convention Center (CC), Room 1 A
    Symposium of the Franco-German Committee in CEMR "Hazard prevention in France and Germany against the background of climate change"
    Language: German, Live Translation
    Programm (German)