Cutting extinguishing involves adding an abrasive agent to extinguishing water under high pressure (>250 bar) via a special nozzle. This produces a jet of water that can cut through all known construction materials, making it easier to fight fires and smoke in buildings because responders can work effectively from outside the building. Once a thumb-sized hole has been cut into the roof, house wall, door, container, car bodywork, ship's hull or silo wall - to name just a few examples - the cutting agent supply is shut off, and a fine mist is used to subdue the fire. Because the hole is so small, further oxygen is prevented from reaching the fire, significantly increasing the extinguishing effect. One company that has been using this process for years and even taken it to a new level is Swedish-based Cold Cut Systems AB.

As its latest achievement, the market leader for this technology has managed to implement it in a highly compact format. "As the name suggests, Cobra Compact is a more compact version of the Cobra already on the market," explains Managing Director Peter Oom. "It's perfect for smaller vehicle configurations and should be seen as a complement to our model range." Cobra Compact is designed to combine the benefits of the process with exceptional flexibility. This makes it particularly suitable for use in places such as isolated villages, narrow streets and bridges, but also for more remote fire departments and emergency services. What's more, the Cobra Compact can play a key role in firefighting as a "first responder" because it can be deployed immediately, allowing the crisis area to be brought under control, while waiting for the regular units to arrive. "The entire concept is based on years of experience in extinguishing and cutting, and our main objective during the development stage was simplicity. Installation is straightforward, making it very simple to create an efficient solution. All you need is a vehicle, four bolts and a wrench to produce an operational unit," says Jan Hellsten, Head of Sales for Germany at Cold Cut Systems.