The new RTE FX firefighting nozzle from Austrian firefighting system manufacturer Rosenbauer combines - in its own words - uncompromising technology and state-of-the-art material and manufacturing quality with a brand new, innovative operating concept. Its cubic design is said to be unique on the market and, according to the makers, ensures even inexperienced emergency personnel can get to grips with all its functions immediately and intuitively. To make sure the person operating the nozzle is primed to fight the fire from the very first moment, Rosenbauer has pre-set the RTE FX for extinguishing indoor fires, i.e. with 235 liters per minute, a medium spray jet and a spray angle of approx. 40 degrees. Even in completely smoke-filled rooms, in the dark or with zero visibility, this basic setting makes certain that the nozzle is used safely. All the same, the stable design and intuitive handling mean that operating errors are extremely unlikely and thus reduce the amount of training required, which is particularly advantageous for volunteer fire brigades.

The new RTE FX nozzle will be launched on the market at the beginning of September 2020 and rounds off the top-end of the Rosenbauer nozzle range. This range includes products with outputs between 17 and 700 liters per minute, solutions for normal pressure (SELECT FLOW) and high pressure (NEPIRO), and the PRO JET special nozzle. Thanks to this range of products, Rosenbauer is able to offer fire services around the world the perfect nozzle for virtually any scenario.

Rosenbauer International AG (4060 Linz-Leonding, Austria)