It takes a lot of courage and sometimes real stamina to play the victim on a first aid course. But that's nothing compared to taking part in the simulated disaster exercises run by the rescue services. These are often much too dangerous for human volunteers to play the stricken victims. Scenarios such as combatting fires, providing technical assistance, recovering victims from collapsed buildings and carrying out rescues at great heights or depths call for special and authentic training equipment. And that is precisely what the team of 21 at Ruth Lee Ltd in the UK produce. Far more than a simple dummy, a manikin has features that are as lifelike as possible. At INTERSCHUTZ 2015, equipment supplier rescue-tec is exhibiting the latest innovation from Ruth Lee – a training manikin with a new skin made from flame-retardant polyester.

The manikins are available in a number of different versions. At 180 kilograms, Ruth Lee's XXL training manikin not only weighs the part, but its flexible granulate inner and body proportions also provide a realistic weight distribution for a person of that weight who is 183cm tall. In addition, the manikin's head has been designed so that it can be used for training in the use of neck braces, respiratory masks and similar equipment. It’s quite clear where the priorities lie in their design – Ruth Lee Ltd has succeeded in toughening up its training manikins for the extra resilience required under extreme conditions. For one, the latest flame-retardant-polyester skin is four times more robust than on previous models.

rescue-tec (65594 Runkel, Germany), Hall 12, Stand G36

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