Based in the Danish city of Esbjerg, VIKING is a leading manufacturer in the field of maritime safety. The company supplies and maintains high-quality safety equipment for passenger and commercial vessels, offshore installations, leisure craft, fishing vessels, the navy and - increasingly - firefighters. That's why VIKING also exhibits at INTERSCHUTZ. Next year will be no exception, with the company focusing on particle protection solutions that can be used on protective clothing for firefighters.

VIKING's PartX range is designed to provide even better protection against carcinogens and potentially hazardous particles. The VIKING Guardian fire suit, which was developed in collaboration with Swedish firefighters in Gothenburg, is already very popular. That's just the starting point, though. The PartX concept is designed to keep on evolving to offer firefighters more customized options. One such solution is based on creating a protective barrier using specific methods to seal common access points for particles such as the neck, cuffs and trouser legs. PartX can also be incorporated into fire helmets with DuPont Nomex Nano Flex material to provide enhanced particle protection for the neck, ears and jaw area.

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S (6710 Esbjerg V, Denmark)