Founded over 110 years ago, DÖNGES is today a leading supplier of customized solutions for firefighters and rescue services. It has now unveiled the big brother of the successful Ramfan EX50Li. This updated model was due to be showcased at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover, now postponed for a year. The new Ramfan EX150Li boasts what are currently the world’s most powerful battery packs, each offering 52 volts and 8 ampere hours or 832 watt-hours of power. They drive a 1400-watt brushless direct-current motor that delivers an impressive AMCA-verified airflow of 21,029 cubic meters per hour. And they do this continuously, as the batteries can be hot swapped with freshly charged ones. One charge lasts around 40 minutes when running at full capacity, while even in boost mode it manages 30 minutes. This ensures the new Ramfan EX150Li is significantly more powerful than the smaller EX50Li model, which has a long and impressive service record.

What's more, the robust EX150Li battery fan comes with a removable power cord, which means it can also be operated using a conventional 230-volt power point and charged automatically when switched off. Thanks to Ramfan PowerStream technology, the Ramfan EX150Li generates a consistent and steplessly adjustable airflow without the unwanted "spin effect". Featuring four LED lights with a total output of 500 lumens to light up the deployment site, the dustproof EX150Li fan - which has IP66 protection class certification - can also be fitted with optional misters.

DÖNGES GmbH & Co. KG (42897 Remscheid, Germany)