"A hose as good as its word!" - Gollmer & Hummel GmbH has been bringing this motto to life for almost 150 years and still to this day works tirelessly to ensure it always supplies the best possible hoses to people who give it their all every day. This endless search for the perfect hose has led to a new development - the GH EASY-FIX binding system, designed and developed by Gollmer & Hummel.

The company is at INTERSCHUTZ 2020 to give live demonstrations of its new GH EASY-FIX binding system, which promises continued compatibility with conventional DIN pressure couplings (2008 or later) in sizes C/42, C/52 and B/75 - with plans to also introduce support for size D/25 at a later stage. The GH EASY-FIX mounting device makes it easy to assemble and disassemble hoses - even for inexperienced users. Not only that, but the system promises to save customers a great deal of time and money compared to conventional wire binding systems. Further benefits include the reusable nature of all GH EASY-FIX components, the option to use existing DIN pressure couplings - thanks to the retrofit kit consisting of both an inner and outer sleeve - and a secure, mechanically locked connection that prevents the hose from slipping out of place. What's more, the cone-shaped outer sleeve serves as an edge glider that stops the hose from getting caught on obstacles such as edges, corners and steps.

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