The work of firefighters and other rescue workers includes constantly reviewing the resources and equipment needed to carry out successful operations. Yet sometimes it can take a while before manufacturers are genuinely willing to take on board feedback about weaknesses and requirements. For example, most of the visual search equipment currently in use has undergone only limited further development since it was first launched in the 1990s. Every experienced rescue worker can therefore easily point to weaknesses in many of today’s search cameras - they're too heavy, the mechanical articulation of the camera head is often prone to damage, and the batteries do not usually last long enough. That is why Agility Technologies Corp., a Canadian company specializing in technical rescue equipment, is taking a different approach by continuously challenging the status quo and seeking advice from seasoned professionals. This strategy has now led to the development of the new FirstLook360 rescue camera, which the manufacturer predicts will be a real game changer all over the world.

FirstLook360 is a hybrid hardware/software product that utilizes two cameras and specially developed software to stitch multiple live video streams together to form a 360-degree view and thus create particularly useful imaging. The images are broadcast as digital streams in HD quality and can be transmitted by cable or wirelessly to any Android mobile device, where they can also be viewed. What’s more, the FL360 also comes with an exceptionally powerful battery.