FunkTronic GmbH develops and manufactures a whole host of radio control systems for public safety authorities, emergency services and internal business communications. Among other things, the company specializes in control panels for digital and analog radio systems, matching DC/AC controls, and remote control systems for radios transmitting via 2- or 4-wire lines. Its vast portfolio also encompasses Radio over IP solutions, radio-to-telephone connections, radio relay solutions, telecommunications end devices for ISDN and two-wire circuits, telecontrol technology, data transmission, GPS and fleet monitoring. The all-rounder also develops customer-specific software and hardware systems. For its INTERSCHUTZ 2020 showcase, FunkTronic GmbH has already announced the launch of two new Voice over IP (VoIP) table-top consoles.

The "Major BOS 4VD" and "Major BOS 8VD" VoIP table-top consoles are designed to offer keypad-based controls and communication for digital and analog radio equipment. Users are free to choose whether they talk into a handset, gooseneck microphone or headset, with an optional footswitch available to make the solution even easier to use, if required. While the Major BOS 4VD is designed for the simultaneous use and monitoring of up to four radio terminals, the Major BOS 8VD can handle, as the name suggests, up to an impressive eight. The menu-based control system of both consoles supports various crucial functions, such as a display of the caller's ISSI and OPTA (operational-tactical ID), a list of callers with the most recent calls alongside the time, group names and a folder with the most recently contacted groups for quick dialing. Other nifty features include send status functionality, an SDS display, as well as the option to change the mode of operation and select groups via a folder structure, alphabetical list or SEPURA code. Last but not least, both consoles come as either free-standing units or built-in desk appliances.