TB-Safety develops and manufactures reliable ventilation systems and full-body protective gear for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, medical facilities and the emergency services. Its highly specialized protective clothing is very much in demand and plays a crucial role wherever workers are at risk of contamination from hazardous substances or pathogens. The manufacturers point out that a multitude of well-coordinated skills and expertise are needed to ensure work in highly toxic environments is both safe and comfortable. The company cites the clothing's stand-out features as being its exceptionally innovative ventilation systems, outstanding freedom of movement, practical wear and, of course, the impressive protection against contamination.

However, a key and often critical point is the removal of protective clothing. What is the safest way of taking off contaminated protective gear without coming into contact with hazardous substances? Magic Exit from TB-Safety offers a new and particularly ingenious answer. The combination of airlock and sealed plastic enables rapid removal without time-consuming decontamination processes, thus reliably guarding against contact with hazardous substances while also facilitating risk-free disposal of the contaminated suit. The Magic Exit system is compatible with all TB-Safety suits and is designed for use in virtually any situation.