The innovative fuel cell systems of Fuji N2telligence GmbH offer users amazing multiple benefits that vary from model to model. For example, the systems powered by natural gas or pure hydrogen not only generate energy highly efficiently in the form of electrical and/or heating/cooling power. Thanks to their ability to remove oxygen from the air, they are also formidable fire prevention systems. This is where Minimax GmbH & Co. KG comes in. One of the world's leading fire safety brands for over 110 years, it has access to a unique range of tested and certified components and systems. The two companies are now looking to harness the synergies resulting from this combination to revolutionize fire prevention based on oxygen reduction.

"We're looking forward to long-term strategic cooperation with a strong partner like Minimax," says Fuji N2telligence Managing Director Andreas Exler. He is confident that this collaboration will bring about a revolution in fire safety and that combining an Oxeo Prevent oxygen reduction system from Minimax with a fuel cell system from N2telligence will deliver cost-effective fire prevention of the very highest level. The concept does indeed sound highly convincing. The fuel cell system generates electrical, heating and cooling power and, as a by-product, air with a reduced oxygen content that can be used for the Oxeo Prevent fire prevention system. The nitrogen generator normally required is no longer needed. This significantly reduces operating costs while also benefiting the environment. "The technology from Fuji N2telligence is the perfect complement to our fire prevention system and we too are looking forward to long-term cooperation," adds Minimax Managing Director Jan Witte.