rotstahl GmbH has made a name for itself with its high-quality steel cabinets and furniture. In addition to meeting the special requirements of the emergency services, they are also ideal for schools and companies. The designers' know-how paves the way for special customized solutions and ensures everything is from a single source - from planning all the way through to installation. rotstahl's specialist customer advisors also carry out challenging projects in person on site. The company is showcasing a new series of lockers for the younger generation at INTERSCHUTZ 2020.

Intended specifically for youth fire services and relief organizations, the lockers are designed to satisfy the particular requirements of the next generation and help the kids really feel part of the emergency services. For example, their child-friendly dimensions - 160 cm high, 30 cm wide and 50 cm deep - make it quicker and easier for the youngsters to access their equipment. Such practical features aren’t the only aspect intended to fire their enthusiasm, though - the lockers are also very colorful. The models on show at INTERSCHUTZ 2020 are in the colors of the German fire service, youth fire service and disaster relief organization - with an extra lockable section for valuables or open storage compartment in units for one, two or three people.