In 1992, TEXPORT's founder Otmar Schneider started out with a vision. He wanted to develop high-tech protective clothing that would be rugged enough to cope with extreme situations while also ensuring absolute functionality and practicality. Schneider realized this vision amazingly quickly. After just a few short years, TEXPORT had no fewer than 60 staff in Salzburg. They were soon joined by another 380 or so textile workers in Macedonia and Bulgaria. Now the market leader in Austria and a dominant force in the relevant German sector, TEXPORT also sells the products it develops and manufactures throughout Europe. Schneider's vision knows no bounds, though, as evidenced by achievements such as being asked to supply Rio de Janeiro's fire department.

To communicate this vision and the company's achievements yet more effectively, and above all to provide safety professionals with an even clearer picture of how to use its protective equipment and belt systems, TEXPORT has now decided to produce movie-quality user videos that will soon be available free of charge on the company’s website.

TEXPORT Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. (5020 Salzburg, Austria)