Few people understand better than those in the Nordic countries what it means to manage with little light. After all, above a certain latitude whole regions are plunged into continuous darkness for months on end. So it comes as no surprise that one of the most innovative lighting solution companies originates from Finland. Headquartered in Jakobstad, on the country's western side, the Herrmans Group with its two leading brands HERRMANS and NORDIC LIGHTS today has operations throughout the world. It is now presenting NORDIC LIGHTS Scorpius PRO 415 PH, an extremely effective LED work light designed to offer an optical three-in-one application featuring the new, patent-pending Phenom Optics solution.

Users thus benefit from soft lighting directed upwards as a guide light for activities such as lifting and lowering loads and from efficient task lighting to illuminate the work area directly in front of a vehicle. Another special feature of this solution is its glare-free zone, which ensures anyone nearby will not be blinded. What's more, the Scorpius PRO 415 PH is both compact and lightweight, making it ideal not only for vehicles in material handling and construction but also for those used by rescue and recovery services. The LED work light offers effective illumination with a brightness level of 1,500 lumens and outstanding color rendering in warm, natural hues. It boasts an asymmetrical wide beam and withstands even strong vibrations. Thanks to a glass lens and a new die-cast aluminum housing, the Scorpius PRO 415 PH also ensures a high level of mechanical and thermal resistance.

Herrmans Nordic Lights GmbH (59439 Holzwickede, Germany)
Website: www.nordiclights.com