The VOMATEC group of companies specializes in developing and supplying cutting-edge technologies for use in fire departments, plant protection services, disaster relief and rescue operations, as well as in companies and organizations all over the world that have particularly high safety requirements. VOMATEC products provide communications support for control stations, command centers and rescue teams, and thus ensure operations can be managed reliably and efficiently. What’s more, the group has been commissioned by the German government and the European Union to work with universities, research centers, industrial companies and end users to develop new solutions and technologies to address current public safety issues.

At INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover, the VOMATEC research department is showcasing the European-Brazilian RESCUER project. The aim of the project is to ensure that, in future, individuals who find themselves in an emergency situation will be able to use a mobile device and special software to communicate directly with rescue management services. This crowdsourcing solution provides the rescue control center with crucial first-hand information in real time, so that the situation can be assessed faster, more accurately, and more comprehensively. All the data supplied by the emergency workers and volunteers is automatically analyzed, filtered, weighted and cross-referenced with other available information such as terminology lists and map data. What’s more, the system aims to deliver an innovative, independent communications infrastructure that will keep information flowing even if conventional communication channels fail.

VOMATEC International GmbH (55543 Bad Kreuznach, Germany), Hall 12, Stand 30