There is no denying 1984 was a special year - and not just because it provided the setting for Orwell’s famous dystopian novel. It is also the year Hänsch Warnsysteme GmbH was founded. Since then, the company has been developing and manufacturing innovative automotive warning systems, which are now sold all over the world. Hänsch has collaborated with numerous well-known automobile and bodywork manufacturers that produce emergency vehicles for fire departments, rescue services, the police, customs and municipal enterprises – which clearly demonstrates that the company’s innovative prowess is also in high demand within its target industries. For Hänsch, working together with all these organizations to develop and perfectly adapt its products to specific needs is all in the service of one objective - improving road safety.

The very same goal prompted the recent European market launch of the COMET SR, a new beacon with a rotating light function. What sets the COMET SR apart more than anything else is its state-of-the-art, extra flat design. According to Hänsch, this beacon is ideal for fire trucks and police vehicles, as the rotating light with Class-II certification ensures maximum visibility and warning impact. The COMET SR was originally developed exclusively for French fire departments to meet country-specific requirements. However, after many high-profile bodywork manufacturers expressed their interest in the solution, distribution was expanded to the rest of Europe.

Hänsch Warnsysteme GmbH (49770 Herzlake, Germany)