As a manufacturer, developer and system supplier in the field of protective clothing, safety equipment and environmental protection, TESIMAX has proved a true pioneer, spearheading a number of innovative developments. The VS 20 SILVERFLASH, along with the first asbestos-free heat protection suit to hit the German market and the CLIMA-BALANCE-SYSTEM for firefighting gear are all testaments to the company's many strengths. Its latest innovation also seems to have the makings of a new classic.

The best inventions are often the simple ones. A perfect example of this is the new PCS cooling system from TESIMAX, which has been specially adapted to meet the requirements of rescue crews working in chemical protection suits or full-body protective gear. Not only does external heat create high and unpleasant temperatures inside this type of suit; the wearer's own body heat, which quickly accumulates inside such impermeable clothing, further exacerbates this effect. The new PCS cooling system from TESIMAX functions as body-cooling clothing to counteract these soaring temperatures. It is made of high-tech textiles that are loaded with water to provide a cooling effect of up to 12 °C. Inside the suit, the wearer remains dry and is able to work far more efficiently and recuperate much faster. The system is designed to provide the utmost reliability, while requiring very little logistical outlay.

Tesimax-Altinger GmbH (75242 Neuhausen, Germany)