After five long years, INTERSCHUTZ was set to reclaim its title this June as the hotspot for rescue services, firefighting, disaster protection, and safety solutions. However, the coronavirus pandemic brought these plans to an abrupt halt - at least for the time being. It is good to know that the hype surrounding this event can continue to grow, now that the rescheduled date for 2021 has already been set. And until then, we will keep you regularly updated on the premieres and innovations that make this event so appealing, among many other things. One star product making its debut at Hannover is the mobile extinguishing foam unit for rapid deployment from the Indian NewAge Fire Fighting Company.

The Fast Attack Mobile Foam Unit is designed to be easy to use - even by a single person. It essentially consists of a foam tank, which can be moved by hand on solid rubber wheels, and a mixing unit. Despite - or indeed because of - its simple design, this mobile extinguishing foam unit can be used as an effective means of fighting class A and B fires. The Fast Attack Mobile Foam Unit is said to show particularly outstanding potential when it comes to fighting class B fires, i.e. those involving liquids or substances that melt, such as gasoline or tar. Unlike many other foam stations, this solution from the NewAge Fire Fighting Company still works effectively at low water inlet pressures and delivers high foam concentrations.

NewAge Fire Fighting Company Ltd. (363001 Surendranagar, India)