How did the idea for FireFit European Champioships come about?

The general idea to implement the FireFit European Championships as part of INTERSCHUTZ came about back in 2018. After holding the first FireFit Championships in the Hannover region. Since then, we have been planning the FireFit Championships as part of INTERSCHUTZ, including the European Tour.

How many participants from which countries do you expect for the FireFit Europe Championships?

We are currently expecting a total of around 600 participants from currently 15 countries. Among them Canada, United States, Portugal, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Iran, Norway and others.

What disciplines are part of the competition?

With full firefighting protective equipment and trained and connected breathing apparatus (that makes an average of +25 kg), we have to complete a course consisting of 5 stations ("Five stages of pain"):

  • 1) First, a hose package (20kg) has to be carried to a height of 12 meters to the third floor.
  • 2) Once at the top, a hose package also weighing about 20kg is pulled up the tower.
  • 3) After that, the team descends the tower as fast as possible, but step by step, to the Challenger Force Machine, a hammering machine, where a 5kg hammer has to be used to knock back a weight of about 75kg over a length of 0.75 meters.
  • 4) Now it goes through a slalom course to a fire hose filled with water, which must be pulled about 25 meters. At the end, a target has to be "extinguished".
  • 5) Finally, all remaining strength must be used to pull an 80 - 90 kg dummy into the finish line in a rescue grip.
  • Is it still possible to register?

    Shortly after the opening of the registration all starting places were already taken. But the waiting list is active and interested people can register here .

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