Ultimately, it is the emotions, personal encounters and that feeling of common purpose that make INTERSCHUTZ so memorable. But it's also about the numbers, for INTERSCHUTZ is not just the industry's global networking hub; it is also the number one business platform for the world of protection and emergency services. It is the place where the latest innovations and product refinements are unveiled, where deals are done and where the groundwork is laid for new business. At the end of the day, a company's tradeshow success hinges on the number of promising leads generated. And the more companies that exhibit, the more visitors are attracted to the show, meaning more potential leads.

Audi will be among the major players exhibiting at INTERSCHUTZ. Their showcase in Hall 12 will give visitors the chance to connect with development and sales experts. "We are proud of being able to present our fully operational emergency and rescue vehicles at INTERSCHUTZ – vehicles available ex works with all the special fittings and equipment required," said Benjamin Krämer, Senior Manager Sales to Authorities / Diplomates / Emergency Vehicles at Audi AG, adding: "All the necessary fittings and equipment are purpose-engineered for firefighting and rescue assignments, and are tested until ready for series production. Our high quality standards are evidenced in vehicles such as the A6 Avant command car in flame red (RAL 3000). While at the show, it's a major priority of ours to share experience with users."

For the organizers of INTERSCHUTZ at Deutsche Messe, the booking of the 1,000th exhibitor at this early stage is an important milestone: "We expect INTERSCHUTZ 2020 to at least rival the success of INTERSCHUTZ 2015," said Martin Folkerts, INTERSCHUTZ Director at Deutsche Messe. "The commitment of companies and relief organizations to INTERSCHUTZ is sensational. We're already looking forward to next June and can see that our exhibitors are already preparing intensively for the event."

The previous INTERSCHUTZ (2015) attracted roughly 1,500 exhibitors and more than 150,000 visitors. This means there are still about 500 exhibitors to go until the 2015 record is cracked, but registrations are still coming in at a steady clip. With the current lineup consisting of 20% newcomers, all signs are pointing to further growth in the exhibitor turnout. Some halls are already booked solid. In fact, 98% of the space booked in 2015 has already been filled. Last week the decision was made to use add another hall to the originally planned site. Hall 11 will now primarily feature firefighting and protective gear.

"We've once again optimized the layout of the INTERSCHUTZ site to create shorter distances and sharper distinctions between the various display categories," remarked Folkerts. "Another improvement is that the conference program has been placed in closer proximity to the exhibition. And if we end up needing more space, the available options for further expansion are very good indeed," he remarked.