Focus on cooperation between people and organisations

First of all, there’s the message. What is the communication purpose? What’s the takeaway for the visitors? Everything else flows from the message – everything from the information materials and physical exhibits, right down to the architecture of the stand, the color of the carpets and the friendly attitude of your staff. And when it comes to state-of-the-art firefighting technology, talking on its own is not enough; the technology has to be seen in action.

Network of helping hands

At the German Fire Services Association (DFV), various committees and groups have been preparing for INTERSCHUTZ 2020 for almost two years. "The idea of ‘connectedness’ is visibly to the fore in all aspects of the DFV’s showcase. The web of connections encompasses all in-show visualizations and presentations and also includes information and communication areas," says DFV Vice President Frank Hachemer. "We will also be connecting with people directly. For example, there will be a digital map in which visitors can enter their own locations and thus make our ‘network of helping hands’ a tangible reality." This, incidentally, is the DFV’s take on the INTERSCHUTZ 2020 lead theme of "Teams, Tactics, Technology – Connected for Protection and Rescue", which relates both to interconnectedness at the technology level and to networks of collaboration between people and organizations.

The DFV exemplifies this lead theme in a very literal sense, as it typically profiles itself at the show as part of a network of partners. Apart from regional and state-level fire service associations from all around Germany, the DFV’s exhibitor network this time round will have a strong international dimension in the form of the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF) and national fire service associations from Austria, France and the Netherlands. The DFV pavilion will also feature operators of vacation homes and guesthouses and providers of statutory accident insurance.

Not that the DFV’s INTERSCHUTZ planning is limited to its pavilion in Hall 27. Far from it. Quite apart from preparing its contribution to the various conferences, forums and panel discussions in the show’s supporting program, the association is hard at work organizing a major event, namely the 29th German Firefighting Convention. The convention will be held in tandem with INTERSCHUTZ 2020 and will run under the motto, "Sicherheit.Leben" (Safety.Life). The program includes a high-power international conference, numerous supporting events and a grand finale.