CeoTronics is one of Germany's leading suppliers of professional communications systems for state security and law enforcement authorities, fire departments and industry. The company primarily specializes in mobile digital radio systems and networks for duplex communication, intercom systems for connecting to radio equipment, and mobile radio solutions for transferring videos, audio and data. Developed and manufactured in Germany, CeoTronics systems are currently sold in more than 40 countries across the globe. CeoTronics' customers - predominantly high-end manufacturers of protective equipment and helmets, rescue and purpose-built vehicles, and aircraft - can now make use of the new CT Vibration Headset, which celebrated its premiere this year.

The CT Vibration Headset has been specially developed to ensure communication goes without a hitch, whether the surroundings are calm and tranquil or blaring and noisy. Unlike conventional headsets, this innovative solution converts spoken language into vibrations, transmitting them directly to the user's inner ear via the bones in their skull. This completely bypasses the eardrum, thereby eliminating a detour that is particularly prone to problems. Users of the CT Vibration Headset can thus concentrate completely on what’s going on around them while still receiving clear incoming radio communications. The dependable voice transmission system is designed to work even when passive ear protection has to be worn due to harmful noise levels. To further ensure messages are transmitted with exceptional clarity, the headset is designed to effectively suppress background noise and its microphone boasts ultra-high sound quality. The CT-Vibration Headset also comes with a low-profile headband and a thin hood, meaning it can even be worn under the user's helmet.


CeoTronics AG (63322 Rödermark, Germany)