FLIR Systems was established in 1978 and is headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA. Its portfolio most notably includes thermal imaging cameras - dubbed forward looking infrared, or FLIR - that are primarily mounted on drones for airborne applications. The business has a broad customer base that encompasses both industrial companies and public organizations such as security agencies. To expand its range for ground-based search and rescue operations, FLIR has launched two new thermal imaging cameras - the FLIR K45 and K55.

The FLIR K45 and K55 models are high-performance thermal imaging cameras. They use brand-new image enhancement technology known as FSX (Flexible Scene Enhancement), a kind of digital real-time processing technology that ensures the cameras provide ultra-sharp, lifelike thermal images that highlight details such as structures and edges. The end result is that firefighters and rescue teams can find their way through smoky or dark environments much more easily and immediately locate victims in scenarios where temperatures are fluctuating dynamically.

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