iconos Vertriebs GmbH sees itself as a pioneer of innovations and solutions for fighting forest fires. As a result, it specializes primarily in creating its own, standard-compliant developments, patents and products and making these available to professional, company and volunteer fire services, as well as disaster relief teams. Besides the suppression of forest fires, during which crews need effective, simple and safe solutions, iconos is also increasingly turning its attention to other areas of use, such as rapid extinguishing of vehicle fires.

The focus is once again on effectiveness, simplicity and safety when it comes to FIXaus, a solution developed by iconos. According to its maker, this innovative system is ideal for a whole host of vehicles, ranging from standard-size cars to vans and small trucks. Initial drills under real conditions have shown that FIXaus takes less than 180 seconds to fully extinguish flames that have completely engulfed a car. The FIXaus vehicle extinguishing system is based on the nozzle hose principle, with nozzles arranged at angles of 45 and 90 degrees, resulting in three working levels - above, below and directly against the vehicle. The system is assembled to form a rectangle and then placed over the burning vehicle. At a pressure of just four to five bar, it is designed to create a large droplet spectrum for cooling and extinguishing while also reducing the inflow of oxygen. Once the external flames have been put out, the fire inside the vehicle is also extinguished. This is done by placing an iconos globe extinguisher, mounted on a two-meter-long stainless steel lance, into the vehicle’s interior. In fine yet powerful jets, the water can now gush out from the globe extinguisher, which has 92 nozzles, and put out the flames in just a few seconds.


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