ZOLL Medical Corporation, part of the Asahi Kasei Group, develops and distributes medical devices and software solutions designed to advance emergency care and boost clinical and operational efficiency. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of technologies - which encompasses defibrillation and monitoring, circulation and CPR feedback, data management, fluid replacement, therapeutic temperature management and breathing support - aims to help clinicians, EMS teams, firefighters and first-aiders treat victims in need of resuscitation and urgent medical care.

Take the new X Series Advanced, for instance. Boasting innovative technologies such as Real BVM Help, TBI Dashboard and RescueNet CaseReview - not to mention remote viewing functionality - this monitor/defibrillator seeks to enhance patient management and help first responders save lives more effectively. Real BVM Help, for example, can display the administered tidal volume and rate on the monitor in real time, guiding users as they provide high-quality manual ventilation. ZOLL’s TBI Dashboard, in contrast, shows all key vital signs of patients suffering from traumatic brain injury. This means clinicians can spot any potential deterioration in the patient’s condition straightaway and take appropriate action.

The new remote viewing functionality, meanwhile, allows doctors to look at data from the X Series Advanced even when they are far away. This telemedicine solution from ZOLL specifically aims to help emergency service workers make effective decisions during call-outs.

Last but not least, RescueNet CaseReview lets users view data from the X Series Advanced after a call-out for the purpose of effective quality assurance. This data includes the ventilation performance of Real BVM Help, the CPR performance of Real CPR Help, and the automatic recognition and integration of performance values from AutoPulse, ZOLL's automated resuscitation system.

ZOLL Medical Deutschland GmbH (50996 Cologne, Germany)
Website: www.zoll.com