That’s because, according to Lentner, all vehicles going into production at the company - renowned for its expertly crafted fire trucks - can now be implemented using the Auxilium design concept. By offering high-quality firefighting vehicles that can be customized upon request, robust, user-friendly pump technology, and foam systems claimed to be among the most powerful in the world, the Bavarian family-run business is keen to establish itself as one the leading manufacturers in its sector. The Auxilium design concept is intended to play a key role in this endeavor and make life easier for firefighters across the entire globe.

Just the look of this new concept is striking. Featuring a red-and-black wrapping, the white-painted prototype based on Mercedes technology makes it clear that Auxilium is something new. Indeed, the dynamic style with contoured surfaces serves to highlight the pioneering approach taken. Lentner was intently focused on ensuring neither space nor functionality was limited by the new design. The company certainly achieved its aim, creating an even lighter modular structure that offers more space in the crew compartment, integrates brand-new doors and entry points, and boasts enhanced fold-out running boards and brighter ambient lighting. Users can also look forward to improved safety thanks to clever innovations. For example, an extra window in the lower section of the crew compartment doors gives firefighters a view of a door's swivel range before opening it.

Josef Lentner GmbH (85664 Hohenlinden, Germany)