Based on production figures alone, "EWS - Die Schuhfabrik" plays a minor role in the specialist footwear manufacturing sector. As owner Jörg Schlichting readily admits, "We don’t serve mass markets but look for niches - and we’'e perfectly happy as a niche supplier." The growth in sales proves this strategy is working, with EWS set to pass the four million euro mark for the first time this year. As Schlichting points out, small manufacturers in particular always need to keep abreast of customer requirements. "Our ability to hold our own depends on innovation, quality and service," he continues. The latest result of comprehensive market monitoring is the company’s recent launch of a completely new product - Dynamic Safety - a range of extremely light and stylish safety footwear.

Available in mid- and low-rise designs and complying with the S3 standard, the footwear is suitable for day-to-day use in industry and by members of the fire and rescue services. "The initial feedback from our tests is extremely positive. The people trying out the footwear say their feet don't ache, even after long periods,”" reports Schlichting, who is therefore confident the new product will be a market success. While the existing EWS fire service and safety footwear is made from tough leather, Dynamic Safety is the first range to use a microfiber textile material. The ATOP screw cap with steel cord is a highly ingenious solution. Released with a single turn, it ensures boots and shoes can be changed much faster than with conventional, laced footwear. What's more, the special plastic sole is designed to optimize anti-slip properties while also minimizing wear. The developers paid a great deal of attention to the look of the new footwear, which is available with a striking red or blue pattern, but also in a plain version.

"EWS - Die Schuhfabrik" e.K. (06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)