One of the most treacherous types of fire associated with open flames typically occurs in kitchens when cooking fats or oils are heated above their burning point and catch fire. What makes such fires so dangerous is that attempts to extinguish them with water can lead to fat explosions. Despite increasing media coverage of this risk, there is still a considerable need for information and training on fires of this kind - an opinion shared by the owner-run company BALS Brandschutz- und Sicherheitserziehung, which has been providing proven, well thought-out fire safety education and fire prevention concepts for over 20 years.

Encompassing everything from fire safety and training cases to smoke demo houses, mini fat fire kitchens and fire safety demo trailers, the modular systems and concepts from BALS are intended to provide a complete solution for anyone involved in explaining fire protection and safety to children and adults. The unique BALS case system in particular comes with all the necessary materials and a complete lesson plan for any target group. The version of the case being unveiled at INTERSCHUTZ 2020 - for stovetop fat fires - is the latest addition to the portfolio. The new case is designed to include everything fire services and fire safety education/information teams need to provide a practical demonstration of a fat explosion without a lot of hassle.