Long lines form every day at the HAIX stand in Hall 15, for example, right after admission at just after nine. Here, the backpacks are selling like hot cakes.

One of the most valuable gifts up for grabs at INTERSCHUTZ is probably a complete gas grill. It will be raffled off daily at 5 p.m. by "CO macht KO," the initiative for the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning. The campaign will take place at the joint stand of AGBF and vfdb in Hall 13.

Several of the so-called merchandise items are also available for purchase elsewhere: Among other things, the INTERSCHUTZ mascot Timmy is available as a stuffed animal at the stand of "FeuerKrebs" in Hall 12.

One euro of the proceeds will go to the non-profit organization, which has set itself the task of promoting and sustainably improving the general health and working conditions of the approximately 1.2 million firefighters throughout Germany.

The SGard company is also donating the proceeds from one of their merchandise promotions to the good cause.

They have had T-shirts designed by the well-known pop-art artist Burkhard Loren, which they are selling at the fair. The proceeds from this campaign will go to a dolphin therapy for children with handicaps.

Anyone who feels like a cool refreshment during their tour can get a slush ice drink from the German Red Cross in Hall 26. Mini first aid kits will also be distributed here.

Hands-on activities at the stands

In addition, there will once again be numerous hands-on activities at INTERSCHUTZ:

From crate climbing on the historic turntable ladder in Hall 12 to the rollover simulator at the ASB stand in Hall 26. Visitors should fasten their seat belts well here.

High up is the turntable ladder at the VOLKAN and Desautel booths in the outdoor area.

You can also race through the streets with blue lights and sirens at INTERSCHUTZ. At least virtually in a driving simulator at the AGBF/vfdb booth in Hall 13. Also there, simple virtual reality (VR) goggles are available free of charge for do-it-yourselfers at one of the theme islands.

At Rosenbauer in Hall 27, visitors can not only marvel at the world's first "Electric Panther" live, but also steer it in a driving simulator to a burning aircraft on the runway. Various driving simulators can also be tested at the booth of the Tenstar company, also in Hall 27.

Using real VR goggles, visitors will go on rescue missions at the St. John's Ambulance in Hall 26, extinguish a fire at the Dräger stand in Hall 27 or repair defective dikes at the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief in Hall 17.

The Augsburg Fire Brigade has set up an 8.5-meter-long and 2.5-meter-high firefighting ball track that depicts the activities of a fire department: rescue, recovery, extinguishing.

Those who like it sporty can give full power daily at a bike challenge at the stand of the Johanniter. And all this for a good cause, too. If 7,000,000 watt seconds of power are recorded on the energy meter at the end of Interschutz, Johanniter partner Ambulanz Mobile will donate 10,000 euros to Johanniter's volunteer work, especially in the context of emergency aid for Ukraine.

In short: There is something for everyone - young and old alike! INTERSCHUTZ will be open until and including Saturday, June 25, 6 p.m.!