Initially founded in 1921 as a manufacturer of fire extinguishers, Fellbach-based VULKAN Füll- und Prüfmaschinen has, over the past 50 years, specialized in the development and production of filling and testing equipment for all kinds of fire extinguishers. The expertise the company has built up over this extensive period is now on show at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover in the form of the fully automated AW01 powder filling machine with pallet conveyor belt.

The AW01 is an almost completely dust-free, rapid solution for filling hand-held fire extinguishers with 0.5 to 12 kilograms of fine-grain powder – and can even be used for extinguishers with very small fill openings. The desired quantity of powder is metered into the container with the help of a vacuum system and is monitored continuously using a digital scale. This ensures a fill accuracy in line with EN 3-7 requirements. The target filling weight can be steplessly adjusted and the system can be reconfigured for different types of container very quickly. While containers can be brought to the filler by hand, the AW01 can alternatively be integrated into a conveyor system for automated feeding.

VULKAN Füll- und Prüfmaschinen e. K. (70736 Fellbach, Germany), Hall 13, Stand H25