The FireFit Championships are a competition among firefighters based on firefighting tasks in emergency situations. The competition originated in 1994 in Canada.

In the foreground of the competition is the fitness of the firefighters. As described on the current website of FireFit of Canada, the first participation is an eye-opener, training prior to competition is imperative. Since extreme situations are simulated, the competition takes place under heavy respiratory protection as well as timing.

Regardless of whether you are in the individual, tandem, relay or team class, whether you are male or female, young or old, you are always involved in a duel with your opponent. Even if you are not first in the standings, you may win a one-on-one and take it home as a success.

1st Task: Stair Climb

The first event is the stair climb with High Rise Pack. The High Rise Pak is a bundle of hose, weighing 19 kilograms. This is carried on the outside shoulder when moving up the stairs and must be deposited completely in or on the box on the top floor of the tower. The hose load must stay on the platform or the competitor is disqualified. When ascending the tower hand rails have to be used. Steps can be taken one at a time or in multiples on the way up. When descending handrails & steps must be used. Failure to touch each step on the way down will result in a 2 second penalty per infraction.

2nd Task: Hose Hoist

A 19 kilogram donut roll of hose and 5/8" kern-mantle rope are used. The donut roll must be hauled (usually hand over hand motion) up to the top landing of the tower, lifted and placed in the box on the top of the tower. The donut roll must remain in the box. The donut roll must stay on the platform or the competitor is disqualified. A fallen donut roll may not be retrieved.

3rd Task: Forcible Entry

On the force machine, the competitor moves a beam with a 4 kilogram recoil-free hammer. The competitor moves the beam completely past the decal. Once this task is complete the hammer must be placed and remain on the designated 1,2 x 1,2 meter area.

4th Task: Run and Hose Advance

Competitors then walk or run as fast as he/she can around the hydrants a distance of 42,5 meters then shoulders the nozzle end of a fully charged hoseline. The competitor drags the fully charged hoseline for 22,8 meters. Once the nozzle crosses the 22,8 meter mark, the competitor opens the nozzle, hits the designated target with the stream of water, shuts the nozzle and places it on the ground. If the nozzle is not shut before it is placed down, the competitor must go back and close it. If the target is missed a 2 second penalty is assessed.

5th Task: Victim Rescue

A 80 kilogram, Simulaids Rescue Randy mannequin, must be dragged backwards a distance of 30 meters. Carrying the dummy in your arms or over your shoulder is not permitted. The mannequin must not be grasped by its clothing or appendages. Time stops when the competitor and mannequin cross the beam at the finish line with the mannequins feet completely crossing the line.

Special Information individual

The Individual Race takes place with donned SCBA.

Special information tandem

On half way the the Air Pack has to be changed.



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