Action-packed competition, a unique atmosphere and the most modern firefighting tower in Europe - that's what fans can expect at the FireFit Championships Europe. From June 20 to 25, firefighting sports enthusiasts will sweat it out at the open European Championships at the exhibition grounds in Hanover. On 20 April from 17 o'clock the registration opens under - who would like to seize a starting place, should be fast and inform already in advance and register. After registration, the event ticket for the competition can be purchased as soon as registration opens.


After last year's premiere, the best athletes will compete again this year on the days of the fair. From Monday to Thursday, firefighters will vie in qualifying heats for places in the final days of the FireFit European Championships on Friday and Saturday.

Pure adrenaline - the spectacular competition

Immediately after the starting whistle, the exciting duel on the HAIX® Tower follows: With a hose package on their shoulders, they have to climb the steps of the twelve-meter-high tower. In full gear. Including breathing protection. Once at the top, there is no time to enjoy the view. Another fire hose has to be pulled up before the team descends to the next stations.

At the next stations, the firefighters swing the hammer at the impact machine, run through a short slalom course, pick up a filled fire hose and extinguish a target fire before simulating a personal rescue in the final sprint and rescuing an 80-kilogram doll to the finish line. The elite in firefighting competition conquer this entire course in under two minutes.

Something for every fitness level

The competitors can start individually, in tandem or in relays. The relay with three to five persons is suitable for athletically active people to start in the firefighting sport. Team spirit is required here. The breathing apparatus is worn "loosely" on the back - mask and breathing air connection are omitted. The single run is considered the supreme discipline, because it demands everything from the starters while wearing breathing apparatus. In the tandem race, it is not only a fast running time that is decisive, but above all skill in changing cylinders: halfway through the course, the breathing air cylinder is handed over to the partner as a "baton".

The way from overseas to Europe

The FireFit Championships are based on firefighting tasks: climbing stairs, transporting hoses, opening locked doors, rescuing people and extinguishing. The competition has been held in Canada for almost 30 years. Following this example, the FireFit Championships Europe Tour provides a common competition format for firefighting sports throughout Europe.

FireFit Championships