MSA Deutschland GmbH from Berlin is a subsidiary of "MSA - The Safety Company", based in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, which was founded way back in 1914. A key feature of many MSA products is the clever combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials devised to protect users from hazardous and even life-threatening situations. MSA's extensive range of solutions is used in all kinds of industries, including the oil, gas, petrochemical, construction and mining sectors, the military - and above all firefighters, of course. The company's flagship products include stationary and portable gas measuring technology and flame detectors, headgear, fall protection kits, thermal imaging cameras and breathing apparatus.

It's in the latter category that MSA has just launched a brand-new model. Known as the M1, this innovative breathing apparatus can be conveniently reconfigured on site at any time and equipped with various optional features. Thanks to its modular design, the system is fully customizable and can thus be easily adjusted to suit a wide range of firefighting tasks. This outstanding adaptability is said to make the M1 the most advanced, ergonomic and modular self-contained breathing apparatus on the market. What's more, this breathing apparatus platform - completely redesigned and revamped in close collaboration with firefighters - boasts various innovative, customizable functions for improving hygiene and user comfort.

MSA Deutschland GmbH (12059 Berlin, Germany)