Meeting high standards of training, finding the time for regular training and balancing family life with your vocation - these are just some of the many issues volunteer firefighters have to grapple with over the course of their career. They are also undoubtedly part of the reason why it is getting so hard for volunteer fire services to find new recruits. Getting this problem under control in the medium term calls for clever, cutting-edge solutions. Luckily, "Feuerwehr e-Learning" has just the thing. Founded in 2017, this fledgling company from Germany has developed an online concept that promises enhanced flexibility and public awareness, a practical focus and tailored offerings for fire service training.

On its internet platform, available under "", members of volunteer fire services will find comprehensive training materials with practical illustrations and explanatory videos on a whole range of topics. A keyword search function helps users track down all legislative texts and regulations relevant for fire departments and download learning materials for use in training at the fire station. Fire service trainers can also upload their own teaching materials and create online tests. Nifty options such as these ensure the concept can be easily and effectively integrated into firefighter training programs. As an added bonus, there is also a large communications section with a chat function and forum that invites users to share their ideas.

"Feuerwehr e-Learning" is constantly developing its concept for the future and promises that there is already a string of additional features in the pipeline that will soon make an appearance on the platform.

Feuerwehr e-Learning (52441 Linnich)