There are many substances you can use to put out fires - with water, powder, foam and carbon dioxide being among the most common. All of these well-known extinguishing agents are valid and do the job in an emergency, but only if used for the "right" type of fire, since none of them works equally well in all cases. But this conventional wisdom could soon be history thanks to a remarkable new extinguishing liquid called Firexo, which is designed to reliably fight fires of all classes (A to F). Its British creator and namesake claims this solution can drastically shorten the time taken to douse flames and is nothing less than revolutionary.

In one test, for example, nine liters of the liquid put out a vehicle fire in just 53 seconds compared to the 1,800 liters of water and up to one hour this can take using conventional methods. On top of that, this non-toxic liquid is made from natural, biodegradable ingredients. With only small volumes needed to quickly extinguish flames, Firexo causes less collateral damage and rapidly cools materials to a temperature safe for humans to handle. Its developers believe the product could even be used to roll out an entirely new firefighting method, proposing a rapid-response motorcycle could transport enough of the liquid to extinguish up to three blazing vehicles. If you think this sounds too good to be true, the business has already provided impressive evidence with its own demo model. Commenting on the company's cutting-edge invention, CEO Dave Breith said: "The current time frames to put out a fire, whatever type it may be, are too long. The people who have lost assets, valuables, property, investments and, above all else, loved ones would attest to this. The life-saving potential that Firexo yields is clear. It can be used in every single place where current fire extinguishers are found - by professional firefighters as well as by people at home when absolutely necessary. It's suitable for small fires and forest fires alike. The global revolution in firefighting is here, and the possibilities are endless."

Firexo Ltd. (Berkshire, RG2 6GP, United Kingdom)