The Comité Technique International de prévention et d’extinction du Feu (CTIF) is an international organization dedicated to promoting collaboration between firefighters and other fire and rescue experts around the world. The association, which currently encompasses 39 member countries and 46 associate members, is headquartered in Stockholm. The time has come to elect its new Presidium, including a new Vice President, in July 2019. The current President of the German Fire Services Association (DFV), Hartmut Ziebs (59), is planning to stand for this office.

"As the increasingly overt clash of forces between globalization and protectionism seems to be fueling uncertainty and encouraging barricades, I want to do all I can to create a global community of firefighters and values," Ziebs says about his decision to stand for the Vice Presidency of the international representative body for around five million firefighters. "The historical events of the last century and the current challenges raised by the increasing onus on fire services call for courageous action. I willingly face this responsibility," he adds. Ziebs has been the President of the German Fire Services Association for around three years, representing more than 1.3 million members of professional, plant, youth and voluntary fire services. The election will be held during the CTIF delegates' assembly in Martigny, Switzerland, on July 19, 2019.

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