Rosenbauer International AG is well-known to all firefighters, not least thanks to its striking large-tank industrial fire trucks. True to form, the company this year unveiled a vehicle that takes everything to the extreme - the TIGON. Whether it’s the truck's off-road capability, functional flexibility or firefighting equipment, the TIGON is said to top anything Rosenbauer has produced to date on four wheels or more. Among other things, it incorporates the company's highest-volume extinguishing systems – built-in pumps with capacities of up to 13,000 liters per minute, proportioning systems that can deliver up to 1,200 liters of foam agent per minute and mix foam into the full pump output, and water turrets for combined extinguishing agent output with capacities of up to 15,000 liters per minute. The vehicle offers an unprecedented combination of concentrated extinguishing power with a robust, lightweight construction and an uncompromising off-road chassis.

The TIGON features the backbone tube chassis from Tatra that has already enabled the Czech truck manufacturer to secure six victories in the Dakar Rally. It is based on a virtually indestructible central tube frame, which ensures optimum distribution of forces. The tubular construction incorporates all vehicle elements that are not subject to structural stress and protects all moving drive components from damage and dirt because they are installed internally. This also includes the differential gears in particular, which can be individually locked. By contrast, the semi-axles are mounted so that they are freely movable, while the wide tires are equipped with a tire pressure system that adapts the tire footprint to the condition of the ground. Together with a 700 HP engine and the fully automatic torque converter transmission, the TIGON is the ultimate fire truck, capable of carrying high payloads across the most extreme terrains.

Rosenbauer International AG (4060 Linz-Leonding, Austria)