FiWaRec Valves & Regulators GmbH & Co. KG always drives home the fact that "every chain is only as strong as its weakest link". The specialist manufacturer of fittings, pressure regulators, actuators, valves and fire detection components for extinguishing systems knows the truth behind this saying better than most. When it comes to fluid technology, any flaw - no matter how small - during development or production can have disastrous consequences. To reduce such risks to the absolute minimum, in 2008 the company assumed direct responsibility for every stage of the process - from development right through to manufacturing its products entirely in Germany.

This applies just as much to its valves as its smart sensor hoses, which are designed to automatically detect a developing fire and react accordingly, thus making it possible to tackle fires earlier and thus more effectively. FiWaRec's independent status naturally spawns innovation, leading most recently to the launch of its two new models of valves for chemical-based extinguishing systems with seat diameters of either 33 or 50 millimeters.

FiWaRec Valves & Regulators GmbH & Co. KG (54343 Föhren, Germany)