Around two years ago, LINZ AG launched an initiative with two other highly innovative companies based in Upper Austria to develop a completely new fire truck and thus turn their shared vision into a reality. The result of this collaboration between Rosenbauer, Kreisel Electric and LINZ AG brings exciting news for the emergency vehicles sector - Europe's first fully functional tactical fire truck with electric drive is now ready for action in the city of Linz.

"In conjunction with public transport, eco-friendly electromobility is key to reducing air pollution and harmful emissions from individual vehicles, and thus boosts quality of life in Linz," says Klaus Luger, the city's mayor. "LINZ AG is a driving force in this field and has already taken a leading technological role in public transport with the innovative new e-Bus. Now we have reached another important milestone. By launching the first fully equipped fire truck with electric drive, LINZ AG is paving the way forward once again. The company is a key partner in the city's campaign for innovations. This collaboration with world leader Rosenbauer further underscores the innovative strength of the Linz urban area." Dr. Dieter Siegel, CEO of Rosenbauer International AG, outlines some of the technical aspects: "Rosenbauer has been working on new concepts and alternative drives for fire-fighting vehicles for more than five years. During that time, this focus has become more and more relevant. In urban areas in particular, exhaust-free driving is becoming a must. It is our stated aim to remain the industry leader in the use of new technologies, too. The innovation partnership with LINZ AG and Kreisel for the construction of the first fully equipped fire truck with electric drive has made it possible to provide a quick and functional solution, which sends out a strong signal at this time." Markus Kreisel, CEO at Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG, which is responsible for the new electric vehicle's drive, is equally confident that his company and his partners are on the right track: "Utility vehicles such as fire trucks are an ideal area of application for electric drives - in many cases they only have to cover short distances and charging can be completed between operations. The solution is particularly suited to fire services in large inner-city districts, town centers, small communities in the countryside or at airports. We plowed our extensive expertise in constructing electric vehicle prototypes into the compact fire truck for LINZ AG. The basis for our work was the Mercedes Sprinter - a utility vehicle that we have already successfully electrified for bus and freight companies."

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