Deutsches Medizinrechenzentrum GmbH is launching its online ambulance transportation software on together with its own app to enable users to transfer ambulance journeys and transportation trips from any PC to an Android or iOS device. The aim is to enable staff to directly enter all trips to the "FleetQ" in the app at the click of a mouse. Fleet administrators can also check revenue whenever they want using the extensive statistics tool on All the data collected during the course of the day is immediately at hand for invoicing private and additional services to the appropriate cost centers. Thomas Gazda, one of the company's three managing directors, emphasizes that data protection is fully ensured in all of the software's functions, thus keeping patient data and confidential documents firmly under virtual lock and key. "The data is stored on powerful servers in a highly secure datacenter. We guarantee legal compliance with the binding EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force in May this year in the way that we store and process all sensitive personal information," he explains.

The "working hours account" function helps schedule people's hours and shifts, as it's easy to enter every crew member's annual leave and weekly working hours. The system should also indicate who is at the base station or on the road, and who's driving or accompanying each vehicle. The data from each shift can then be transferred to the working hours account. Shifts are also displayed in the journey planning tool so it's clear at a glance which vehicle is being used when. In addition, every crew member should be able to look up shifts and check in and out at the touch of a button in the app while they're out and about, including recording their breaks.

Last but not least, the integrated "SmartSnapp" function is bound to please anyone who feels bogged down with paperwork. It automatically uploads smartphone photos of transportation chits to the online database, where they are cost-effectively digitally archived. This frees crews up to focus on patients rather than typing in their insurance details!

Deutsches Medizinrechenzentrum GmbH (DMRZ) (40549 Düsseldorf, Germany)