Electrolux Professional has adapted the washing machine for washing the protective suits and the drying cabinet to the requirements of PPE textiles. The workwear of fire brigade, civil protection facilities and disaster control personnel is a high-tech material that only retains its functionality if it is treated gently during washing and drying. Otherwise, for example, light strips lose their radiance and the surface material loses its impregnation. If the suits no longer keep moisture out, they no longer protect their wearers from high or low temperatures. In addition, the suit worn by firefighters or civil protection personnel becomes heavier, putting additional strain on the wearer.

For this reason, it is important to wash and dry the PPE combinations of trousers and jacket without much mechanical movement if possible. Some manufacturers of protective suits have now noted on the washing instructions that the suits are "not suitable for tumble drying". Others recommend drying in a drying cabinet.

With the WB6-27 barrier washing machine from Electrolux Professional's new Line 6000 series, jackets and trousers can be washed hygienically. Cross-contamination is avoided by separating the clean and unclean sides; the machine is built "into the wall". In addition, the impregnation protection in the washing machine can also be renewed at regular intervals. Since Electrolux Professional washing machines have a freely programmable control system, they can be adjusted to the specific requirements of the protective clothing: For example, the washing machines have a higher water level and mechanical movements are reduced.

The Electrolux Professional Drying Cabinet TS4175WW holds four PPE combinations and dries them within a period of three hours. For drying, Electrolux Professional has developed special hangers that first blow warm air into the inside of the suits, which then flows into the cabinet and dries the surface of the suits. This means there is no need to turn the suits inside out. In this way any mechanical stress is eliminated. Built-in filters and the use of the vacuum principle prevent fluff or air from escaping into the equipment room. Automatic drying programmes - e.g. 75 degrees Celsius for impregnating Gore-Tex suits and 60 degrees Celsius for quilted suits - can be set.

A lockable chemical cabinet supports the safe storage of detergents according to the regulations of the trade association. In addition, a dosing unit for liquid detergents including an empty level control ensures process safety.

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