The first morning will be dedicated to reports from professional associations concerning the structural stability and usability of buildings before and after an earthquake. Speakers will moreover present an emergency situational study from the Brescia municipality as well as the "Family Bag" emergency relief project. Other topics will include fire brigade activities in earthquake-impacted regions as well as police measures to prevent looting and defend public order.

Running under the title of "Civil Defense Systems in Other European Countries", two German organizations will also contribute to the discussion: The German Fire Protection Association (vfdb) will report on critical infrastructure and the targeted use of available resources in the face of major, unexpected events, while the Munich-based German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) will deliver a talk on "How to Intervene in Emergency Situations".

As with other natural catastrophes, human solidarity during earthquakes is also of great importance. For this reason, the workshop will also highlight the “We won’t leave you in the lurch” initiative, with a civil defense helper and a psychologist reporting on their experiences in aiding local citizens after the earthquakes in central Italy.

Apart from the workshop, REAS will also offer a rich program consisting of conferences, seminars and practical training sessions designed for institutions, experts and volunteer emergency helpers. With the support of Deutsche Messe – who also are organizer of INTERSCHUTZ in Germany and AFAC in Australia – REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ has expanded its significance in the past few years both nationally and internationally.