Based in Biederitz, near Magdeburg, Aquadraulic heads a consortium of five companies that specialize in drive and firefighting technology and – with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Economy – are working to develop advanced and, first and foremost, affordable extinguishing systems so as to better cover market requirements. These systems are designed to deliver at least double the performance of conventional extinguishing solutions, while also cutting down on weight, volume and costs. For instance, this involves combining equipment systems that would normally be separate into a single all-in-one system. Thanks to this concept, even small firefighting vehicles could punch well above their weight in future – as Aquadraulic is demonstrating at the INTERSCHUTZ 2015 open-air site in Hannover.

Built into an exceptionally mobile UTV/quad, the system not only ensures that the vehicle can arrive at the scene of the fire quickly – the new design also means that firefighting equipment can be deployed immediately, without losing any time. What’s more, extinguishing performance is doubly powerful and thus allows a primary firefighting squad and a safety squad to operate simultaneously. Meanwhile, an innovative all-in-one spray head optimizes the extinguishing power to produce optimum results while keeping water consumption to a minimum, thus also reducing or even eliminating water damage.

Aquadraulic Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Friedrichs (39175 Biederitz, Germany), Open-air site, Stand A01

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