As a special service, the free-of-charge "INTERSCHUTZ News" will be available for pick-up at the entrances to the showgrounds, as a concise source of the latest news on everything of relevance to INTERSCHUTZ attendees and exhibitors.

As a premiere, Deutsche Messe’s official "Messezeitung" is being published in collaboration with the Ebner Media Group, known for publications such as the "Feuerwehr-Magazin ". This means that the INTERSCHUTZ News will benefit from an editorial team with extensive expertise from its publications for the firefighting community.

"We are very pleased about our cooperation with the ‘Feuerwehr-Magazin’," said Bernd Heinold, INTERSCHUTZ Director at Deutsche Messe, adding: "The editorial staff is ideally networked and has a keen sensibility for all the hottest topics. Great reading is ensured for exhibitors and visitors, alike.

A total of three double editions of the INTERSCHUTZ News will be published, with each edition covering two days of the show (which runs from 20 to 25 June). The first edition will be prepared in advance, and the two others will be created on site, in full view of attendees who can see the editorial team in action, in its glassed-in office in Hall 27 (Stand J37).

The three editions of the INTERSCHUTZ News will each be at least 24 pages long and appear in printed form on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the show. They will also be available as an ePaper for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Beyond this, the makers of the Feuerwehr-Magazin will be sending out fourspecial INTERSCHUTZ newsletters.

In recognition of the international pulling power of INTERSCHUTZ, the newspaper will feature articles in both German and English.


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