Although it's only been in operation since 1995, SETOLITE Lichttechnik GmbH has won a large and loyal customer base in a very short space of time, thanks to its professional, high-quality products. In addition to industrial users, skilled tradespeople and various European armed forces, a growing number of emergency services teams also use mobile and fixed lighting systems from SETOLITE Lichttechnik. A key trait of SETOLITE is that it continuously adapts its product range to take account of the latest advances in lighting technology, which are coming thick and fast, particularly in terms of LED.

Take, for example, the ALDEBARAN 360 GRAD FLEX LED 960, which is a logical progression from the successful ALDEBARAN 360 GRAD. As its name suggests, this latest innovation champions flexibility and efficiency combined with ultra-bright LED light. Just 960 watts of LED power is enough to generate as much light as a 5,000-Watt halogen spotlight. What's more, even after an operating time of 50,000 hours, the system still provides approximately 80 percent of light power. Additionally, the LEDs boast a service life that is up to ten times longer than that of conventional HQI and halogen lamps. As with its predecessor, the new product allows users to switch almost steplessly between 360-degree all-around lighting and localized illumination directed downwards, thus opening up a huge range of potential applications. Whether at incident scenes, construction sites or events, using light effectively is what the ALDEBARAN FLEX LED 960 is all about. Moreover, it can be used in indoor and outdoor areas thanks to IP 54 protection, while an integrated intelligent control system allows users to choose between half (180-degree), full (360-degree) and dimmed lighting. The base is designed for a 30-millimeter DIN bolt, and the light can also be suspended from a ceiling or similar via its holding hook.

SETOLITE Lichttechnik GmbH (42499 Hückeswagen, Germany)