Sunday, 2 June 2024 | Hannover City Center

At the Blue Light Mile 2024, the German Armed Forces, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), customs, the police and, of course, the Hannover Fire Brigade will provide insights into everyday working life.

The event area stretches from the main railway station via Kröpcke to Steintor on one side and onto Opernplatz on the other. There will be show arenas at Kröpcke and Steintor where, for example, the height rescuers will demonstrate how to abseil from a crane or how best to fight a fire yourself at home.

Opernplatz (Source: Landeshauptstadt Hannover)

It will be musical and informative on Opernplatz. There will be a stage on which the fire department orchestra “Opus 112”, the federal police orchestra, the police big band and the army band will play throughout the day.

You will also find information tents on the forecourt of the Opera House where exhibitors will be answering questions about starting a career. For example, how fit do I need to be to work in the fire department? You can put this to the test on site, as part of the sports test - the aerial ladder climb - will be set up there. Numerous hands-on activities also await you.

Tombola (Source: Landeshauptstadt Hannover)

There will also be a raffle throughout the day, the proceeds of which will go to the Children's Hospital on the Bult.

You can win guided tours of the individual fire stations, various non-cash prizes and, as the main prize, a Hannover 96 jersey with all the signatures of the current team.