It is safe to assume that most people would be overwhelmed by the following situation: Someone in your immediate vicinity suffers a cardiovascular collapse and could die of sudden heart failure. Ideally, you need to act fast, decisively and above all appropriately to resuscitate the patient. However, the reality is often quite different. Overcome by a feeling of helplessness, first-aiders often allow valuable, life-critical moments to pass - and knowing that doesn't help, either. Only too aware of this, Defibtech, which was founded in the U.S. town of Guildford in 1999, began the thought processes that would ultimately lead to the "Lifeline VIEW AED". This was the first defibrillator in the world with a built-in video screen that guides first-aiders and untrained helpers through their rescue actions.

In addition to its life-saving function, the "Lifeline VIEW AED" has other useful benefits. Its robust yet lightweight construction ensures it has a long service life, its fixed electrodes mean it is immediately ready for use, and it is also easy to maintain. It looks great, too - its elegant yet functional design has already won it many awards. To make it more universally usable, Defibtech has now added a "DUAL" version to its portfolio. This offers the option of quickly and easily switching between German and English instructions.

Defib Deutschland GmbH (40231 Düsseldorf, Germany)