HAIX is an innovative manufacturer of high-tech specialty shoes. The company prides itself on meeting the highest functional, quality and design requirements worldwide with its products. HAIX customers include firefighters, police officers, special forces, paramedics, tradespeople, soldiers, forestry workers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The entire product range, some of it highly specialized, is manufactured at state-of-the-art workstations in factories located in Germany and Croatia. The company considers it very important that “Made in Europe” at HAIX really does mean exactly that.

In the run-up to INTERSCHUTZ 2020, HAIX has now once again taken steps to optimize its product portfolio, paying particular attention to creating an even stronger link between safety and considerations relating to health, functionality and comfort. This involved bringing together leading research, practical, medical and shoe technology experts to completely rethink the safety shoe concept. The result is CONNEXIS Safety - a new collection that HAIX says offers revolutionary technology. In addition to protecting the wearer’s feet, the unique CONNEXIS design - based on the latest orthopedic and fascia research - is also intended to ensure people wearing CONNEXIS shoes get tired less quickly, which means they keep performing for longer.