Since when has HAIX been supporting the FireFit?

HAIX has been supporting firefighting sports since 2014 as sponsor and name giver for the HAIX Tower competition tower. In order to further strengthen firefighting sports competitions in Europe, HAIX has created the FireFit Europe Tour, which can now hopefully finally start this year.

To this end, HAIX has also invested in the HAIX Tower 2.0 - the first hydraulically erectable competition tower in Europe.

Why is HAIX involved?

The FireFit Championships are pure adrenaline - in addition to competing for the fastest time, everyone who masters the course is a hero. These top performances and the passion for what you do - not only in sports but in every mission - are what HAIX heroes are all about.

How will HAIX present itself on site?

With the HAIX Tower 2.0, we are providing the centerpiece of the FireFit Championship course. In addition, fans and athletes can discover products and other highlights at the HAIX booth.

Here, for example, you can slip directly into the new CONNEXIS Go leisure shoe from HAIX and experience the invigorating effect of fascia stimulation in the shoe. In addition, there are of course some surprises waiting for you that are typical for HAIX.

What exciting new products can we expect from HAIX in the coming months?

On April 1, sales will start for the new CONNEXIS Go leisure shoe from HAIX - a shoe for boundless power! Because it's the world's first casual shoe that stimulates fascia and boosts performance. Moreover, we wouldn't be HAIX if we didn't have more highlights up our sleeves. We're not revealing any more yet!

Are there already plans for INTERSCHUTZ 22?

Of course there are! Planning was already in full swing in 2019. We will already unveil a few highlights this year during the Community Days and take them with us to Hanover - but we still have a lot in store for 2022...

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