Lehmar GmbH, based in Rechlin in Mecklenburg, Germany, was founded in 1992 in close cooperation with Lehmar AG in Solothurn, Switzerland. As well as developing state-of-the-art rescue and multi-purpose boats, Lehmar has also made a name for itself selling specialized rescue and recovery systems, and is the primary importer for MARSARS in Europe. The company is exhibiting at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover with an extensive range of new products – including a system that can be used for animal rescue operations.

People don’t always get into trouble in the most convenient of circumstances, which is why ice and water rescue systems are invaluable to the emergency services. However, animals can also end up in similar, life-threatening situations that call for more than just an ice rescue suit and a rope. The innovative underwater rescue and recovery system that Lehmar is showcasing at INTERSCHUTZ is a telescopable rescue device developed in the United States. Comprising a combination of rods and a wide range of working heads, the system can be used to maneuver both people and animals under and across water, and bring them to the surface from a depth of up to 6 meters. What’s more, if an animal is in trouble in water or ice, rescuers can use the device to place a rescue sling around it from a safe distance, for example.

Lehmar GmbH (17248 Rechlin, Germany), Hall 26, Stand B11